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Helm's Deep and S&F Info :: posted by morgothsring on 05.06.03

Helm's Deep is Back¦
Helm's Deep is scheduled to be re-released late August, so keep your eye out!

S&F Contents¦
According to gandalfgreyhame of the GW forums,
1.The Barrow downs boxed set will contain Tom Bombadil, Goldberry,
Barrow wights, and the 4 hobbits (yes all of them) wrapped up by the wights and lying down.
2.The Ringwraith boxed set will contain metal, mounted Ringwraiths (the same ones released for the Fellowship of the Ring. Also I'm not sure about the number of wraiths it contains.)
3. The Warg boxed set will contain metal wargs and may or may not contain Sharku in it. Again these will be the same ones from the Two Towers and the numbers of wargs in the set is unknown.
4. The Nazgul on Fell beast is released on the 23rd of August and is rumored to cost about $20 US.

Well, this'll hopefully help some of you decide whether to buy¦


Games Day 2003 Coverage :: posted by elvenjess on

Games Workshop's Games Day 2003 section has been expanded! There are lots of neat photos for your viewing pleasure including the Golden Demon winners. Wow, those are some nice minis! Among them there are a few spectacular LotR models including Eowyn, a Cave Troll, and an amazing regiment Charge of Rohan. If anyone here goes to Games Day, how about bringing a camera along and making us up a report?


Bunch of Links :: posted by elvenjess on 04.06.03

Hithero has updated his website with a review of the Shadow and Flame dwarves! I think this puts to rest any worries about Warhammer-like scaling.. Also, you might want to check out his report of a few battles he participated in.

Many of you probably already know this, but select Shadow and Flame sets are available for advance order in the UK. I guess we canucks (and you Americans ) will have to wait a little longer.

Games Workshop has put up a Games Day 2003 Coverage section. Most of the LotR models have already been revealed, but it is still worth a look to see closeups of Balin and Durburz, the goblin king.

I found this link while looking over TORn news. Adam Koebel has an impressive gallery of custom made LotR DVD covers. Some of them are very nice and I was tempted to print a few out (unfortunetly, my printers not working ). Check it out.

Those of you who don't mind being a little spoiled will like this site. You can find many great photos from The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and some Return of the King ones. You can even read over the complete scripts from the first 2 movies (find that awesome quote you can never seem to remember!).